8 June 2023


Imagine the most important moments in Vivienne’s fashion history framed in her most recognisable design in fashion history. An homage to Vivienne Westwood.
Not for sale.

The Seditionaries tits corset: with left or right tit print.

The Let It Rock corset: embellished with studs, chains and pins.

The Sex parachute corset: with silk parachute straps.

The Jordan attitude corset: with negative print.

The Sex/Seditionaries shirt: with attached shirting.

The Pirate boot corset: with Pirate print and leather buckles.

The Worlds End corset: with embroidered label.

The Pagan corset: with upside down cock.

The Independent corset: with separate Malcolm & Vivienne prints.

The Sex shop business card corset.

The Café Society corset: with Kate & ice cream print.

The O.B.E. corset: flash photography print.